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Member feedback shows that negativity across TWD topics has become a problem recently, discouraging some members from being here and others not to post. Members are feeling that negative off-topic posts disrupt threads in the Spoilers and other areas.

We take everyone's feedback seriously, so the moderators have been brainstorming on how to shift the balance back to TWD Zone's original purpose: a hate-free, drama-free and troll-free safe place where all opinions are welcome.

Everyone is still welcome to express their opinions, whether positive or negative, safely and without judgment. Many still enjoy TWD or FTWD and want to share their thoughts by posting.

We've taken the following steps to make sure everyone is comfortable posting their thoughts on the site:

Vent & positivity-only topics have been set up so *everyone* may express their thoughts safely without taking other threads off-topic or being judged.​

We appreciate you being here and posting your thoughts whether positive or negative towards TWD.​

We cover plenty of other shows & interests and want everyone to feel comfortable posting without judgment by others. If you no longer follow TWD or FTWD, we cover other shows you may enjoy and want to discuss.​

We are not asking anyone to post sunshine and unicorn rainbows if they feel otherwise; we ask that negative comments be generally confined to vent topics and comments remain on topic in Spoiler and other threads.

If you hate a character or ship, there is no need to post that 5 times in a topic. If you do not feel positive about the subject of a positivity-only topic, feel free to read it but do not post there.

Unpopular Opinion and Confessions topics are argue-free threads where no judgments are made and no one should argue to try to change another member's mind. If that happens, please contact a staff member.

We have many newer members active and posting, so some folks may not have seen these guidelines before. Please contact Staff members with any questions- we are always happy to help! :)

Thank you

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