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Site Warnings & Infractions explained

Discussion in 'Announcements and Introduce yourself' started by Ripley, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Ripley

    Ripley Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Original Survivor

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    Warnings & Infractions are unpleasant truths nobody likes to discuss.

    We have all tried to plow (dutifully) through pages of complicated rules, examples and even "pop quiz" examples at various TWD fan site forums. Many rules just don't make sense, or are hard to understand how the points add up or the gray areas which seem to be the rule rather than exception. We've dumped dozens of categories & are not trying to plan now for every single possible situation that might occur in 2026.

    Our system combines common sense with reasonable courtesy towards others.

    1) Staff *may* choose to send a PM warning which is a freebie. Appreciate the gift, as it will help you avoid an infraction.

    2) Many sites have complex infraction point systems; we simplified since the focus is on discussion and fun, rather than shaming or "bean-counting" comments.

    Working on the percentage model, infractions range from 5-100%.

    * Any member getting to 50 % within 30 days gets a temporary vacation of 3 days to a week depending on the seriousness of the issue. Time served wipes the slate clean on temp bans.

    * Any member getting to 100% within 30 days gets perma-banned.

    Minor Infraction: 5% - 15%

    * Repeated off-topic posting (5)

    * Continually posting topics in the wrong areas (e.g. posting a TWD ship thread in Community) (10)

    * Posting without properly crediting for fan art, images and info. (15)

    Moderate Infraction: 20% - 35%

    * Plagiarism (20%)

    * Posting personal speculation as spoilers without a source (members should be sharing sources confidentially with spoilers moderators for reasonable verification of true spoilers) (20%)

    * Creating unnecessary drama with disruptive posting, whether revenge posting, hijacking of threads into off-topic issues or generally disrupting the site and discussion. (25%)

    * Claiming to be affiliated with the show, cast or crew and posting fake spoilers (foilers) when you are not. (The infamous "Business Dinner") (35%)

    * Hate Speech posted anywhere on the site or in the shout box. (35%)

    Severe Infraction 50% - 100%

    * The outing or sharing of any member's personal information, without their permission, here or anywhere else. (100% and perma-ban)

    * Sock puppet accounts, as well as any member accounts using proxies or VPNs for registration. (100% and perma-ban)

    * Malicious software or links posted to the site. (100% and perma-ban)

    * Repeated Trolling of a malicious nature whether towards members or staff. (100% and perma-ban)

    * Spammers who register only to promote their own sites. (100% and perma-ban)

    * Sharing account info by allowing another to use their login and password to access the site. (100% and perma-ban)

    The Relationships area has some additional Guidelines for discussion Relationships Guidelines

    *Relationships between consenting adults

    * Your otp may be someone else's crackship. Please be respectful in posting comments, thanks.

    * If you post NSFW images, please title them as such and spoilee tags those, so people are not startled while drinking coffee at the keyboard. NSFW images go only in a special thread @murph will set up.

    * no Real Person (RP) shipping threads, but an "appreciation" topic is fine. Contact the Admins with any questions.

    This topic is locked,so please start a thread with any questions about the Rules, thanks.

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