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TWD Zone is an international fan site and community focused on providing spoilers on The Walking Dead and other shows as well as providing a no hate/no drama community where diversity of opinions is both welcomed and respected
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Discussion in 'Announcements and Introduce yourself' started by Ripley, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Ripley

    Ripley Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Original Survivor

    We want everyone to enjoy the safe-haven, drama-free, troll-free site as a place to discuss TWD and other things you enjoy. So we are "rules-light" by nature. We assume that all members are adults capable of intelligent, at times passionate, discussion. That's how we'll treat you always.

    Here is what we ask of you:

    * Members have been chosen from the fandom for intelligent comments, humor and because we felt you would add something special to the site.

    * Please keep discussion respectful at all times. Sure, people disagree -that's just Life. Understanding that someone else may feel differently than you about a character or topic is part of that.

    * Please try your best to leave any disagreements from other sites (Tumblr, Twitter or fan sites) elsewhere.

    * Some snark is fine; being ugly or hateful for its own sake is not.

    * Racism and homophobia do not live here.

    * We think fans should be able to enjoy all the fan sites without being penalized or shamed.

    * Only one account per member; sock puppets do not live here. You can login from home, work or via mobile networks with your account, no problems.

    * We encourage everyone to start a topic about what interests them or share and post what you find elsewhere. TWD Zone has no restrictions on images or watermarks so feel free to post.

    * TWD Zone is designed to serve as a potluck dinner among a friendly group rather than a 3- Michelin star Manhattan restaurant.

    * No spam, even if you have the world's best deal on discounted phones, sunglasses or something else. If you want to set up a topic touting a t-shirt your friend has designed, feel free to let staff know ahead of time please.

    * Staff members are all subject-matter experts (SME) chosen to support the site and make everyone's experience better. Please feel free to contact Moderators or the Admins to share feedback and concerns.

    * If you think a topic may upset you, then don't read it. If you love character X, but member Z loathes that character, let them have their feelings in peace, just as you have yours.

    What we promise you:

    * Many of you know us already and how we work; we honor those relationships still. TWD Zone is a clean slate and a haven against the bitterness and wars within TWD fandom.

    * We are growing and will be adding Wish List items should enough members want it. We have no plans to add Bethyl or Jessick ship boards.

    * Our staff have 20+ years of modding experience; our goal is to help, not hinder, discussion and fun. Feel free always to contact Area Moderators, Global Moderators or the Admins for assistance.

    * We don't believe in shaming anyone-we'll protect everyone's privacy as carefully as our own.

    * We are infraction/ban "lite" by design. We will. however. take action to keep TWD Zone a positive, non-bitter haven.

    * We'll do our best for you. everyday. Sometimes we'll make mistakes, but we'll own and fix those, as well as learn from experience.

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