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Site TWD Zone is a Spoiler Coalition Member!


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TWD Zone is pleased to be a founding site with the fandom-wide Spoiler Coalition, a group of admins, page leaders and social media groups, including YouTube channels, committed to the use of best practices around spoilers. Credit for the Coalition plans goes to the Admin of Facebook's Spoil'ED Rotten Walking Dead Fans, a group with whom TWD Zone enjoys a strong relationship. smiley.png

We here at TWD Zone are already using the best practices code since before we opened the doors, so we merely continue as we have always done.

As Coalition members we commit to:

1) Always crediting sources of information, photos, and other spoilers with watermarks, full name, code name or group name.

2) When we find folks posting our spoilers without credit on Facebook, YouTube or other social media, we find and ban that person from all the Coalition member groups, sites and pages to prevent future spoiler thefts.

3) All theories should be posted as such.

4) If a spoiler cannot be verified at the time of posting, it must be described as such. In cases where only partial verification is possible, information should be included making clear what is confirmed vs what is unconfirmed.

5) Photos should be credited by photographer when watermarked, and no marks should be removed prior to posting. if the photographer is unknown, the site, group or page from which the photo was copied should be mentioned.

6) Spoilers should not be shared or trusted with those who don't follow the guidelines and practices of the Coalition. Spoiler thieves will be reported to the appropriate entity such as ouTuibe, Facebook or tumblr.

7) Spoiler Coalition Guidelines should be posted on each site, on page or in group of Coalition members where everyone can see those and understand the guidelines to be used by all members.

So nothing here really changes, except we are part of a fandom group of admins working together for the good of all sites, pages and groups where spoilers are concerned. smiley.png

So if you have a spoiler to share, but are not sure how to credit it, please contact a staff member who will be happy to help you.

PM me with questions, thanks!
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