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Below is a guide to our user ranks. The post counts will be in parenthesis. We tried to have fun with them, if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to send them our way.

Fat Joey (0) - Negan's useless guard. Daryl got away and offed him on his way out. RIP Fat Joey.

ZA Cocktail Party (1) - Those awkward Alexandrian parties. At least they have beer.

Bisquick Pourer (5) - Abe's oh so casual way of explaining sex.

Home Depot (10) - A fandom name for the generic red shirt, Tobin. He's kind of plain, like Home Depot.

Well Walker (25) - The unfortunate walker Glenn had to fish out in season two.
Orange Backpack Keeper (50) Gulliver, aka orange back pack is a very important TWD symbol.

Vatos (75) - Season one episode 4, and a not so friendly group our survivors ran into.

Woodbury Partygoer (100) - Hope you like gladiator matches and psychopaths for leaders.

Red Shirt (200) - A non-important character who showrunner Scott Gimple usually bigs up before he kills them off.

Grady Security Officer (500) - A guard in TWD's most unfortunate story line.

Tiger Elitist (750) - Some of us are picky with our CGI preferences. We like it to look good.

Shiva doesn't, we're tiger elitists.

Glenn's baseball cap (1000) - The former signature look of our lovely Glenn Rhee.

Daryl's Jasper Stone (1250) - Daryl found a piece of jasper in S4. We thought it would lead to a touching moment later on, but it led to nothing.

Easy Street Siren (1500) - Negan's favorite psychological torture song. Sing it loud, sing it proud.

Judith's Babysitter (1750) - Well, someone's gotta do it.

Rabbit Claimer (2000) - Daryl ran with a creepy bunch of dudes known as the Claimers in
S4, they annoyingly had to claim everything until Rick claimed their leader's throat with his teeth.

Bias Onion Farmer (2500) - Sometimes pervs get so mad when you think their ship is problematic that they try to tell you that you have a "bias opinion" but they don't spell check and it comes out "onion." Some of us like to farm them.

Tornado Survior (3000) You have probably survived a fandom shitstorm of some kind.

ASZ Wall Sniper (3500) The guardians of the Safe Zone, also known as Sasha.

"Who's Deanna?" (4000) This exclamation from Abraham became a very versatile fandom meme.

Carol's Cookies (4500) Carol's cookies are so delicious annoying little kids hide out waiting for them.

Tabitha (5000) The cheesemaker's goat that an alarming amount of people mourned after her single appearance in "Here's Not Here."

Wolf Killer (5500) Congratulations, you're killing season 5A's big bads and not locking them in a basement.

ASZ Psychiatrist (6000) Denise, a psychiatrist who offered zero psychological help before she died.

TWD Episode Reviewer (6500) You're here after every episode sharing your thoughts, and we love you for it.

AMC Intern (7000) - You're trawling the internet to see what people are talking about. (hi!)

TWD Fan Fiction Writer (7500) - You're graciously sharing your talent for those who want a little more than what's on TV.

Kingdom Knight (8000) - You protect the Kingdom! You wear hockey pads and are probably hot like Daniel.

Pomegranate Farmer (8500) - Ezekiel and Jerry really love fruit, you guys.

Negan Speechwriter (9000) - You pen the pages and pages of dialogue that come out of
Negan's mouth. Maybe you're responsible for his dick lean too.

Green Balloon (9500) - Glenn and Enid used green balloons to let Maggie know they were alive in S6. Enid sweetly saved some and put them on Glenn's grave after he was killed.

Oceanside Matriach (10000) - In S7 we met the Oceanside community ruled by women.

Shiva's litterbox cleaner (10500) - Someone's gotta clean up after that tiger.

Punched Gregory (11000) - You punched Hilltop's obnoxious leader Gregory in the face! He deserved it.

Mystery Blonde (11500) - You are an elusive member of the Junkyard group, or any random blonde that gets speculation going.

Michonne's Katana (12000) - The goddess of the ZA's trusty sword.

Daryl's Dirt (12500) - You're Daryl's never changing costume.

Rick's Python (13000) - It's his signature gun, get your mind out of the gutter!

Creepy House Bookworm (13500) - Address your problems by running off to a creepy house and reading shitty romance novels like Carol did in S7.

Ezekiel's Throne (14000) - Long may he reign.

Episode Guest Star (14500) - Sometimes you're the stand out in the episode.

Martial Arts Jesus (15000) - You're Jesus, the ninja of the Hilltop Colony.

Infinite Ammo Cheat (16000) - For some reason Hershel's shotgun in S2 had approximately 59809384 bullets.

Simon (16500) Negan's right- hand man.

Magic Injury Recoverer (17000) - Like all of the characters, you heal from major injuries pretty quickly.

Motorcycle Thief (17500) - How many times has a motorcycle gotten stolen on this show? Probably a lot.

Orange Crush (18000) - Tara's favorite soda.

Little Merle (18500) - You're almost Merle. Almost.

Rick's Side eye (19000) - You are Rick's signature eye fuck.

Carol's Knife (19500) - Carol's trusty trench knife.

Lucille (20000) - Negan's iconic barbed wire bat.


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FYI for all users about these ranks. The ranks will show underneath your name in profiles unless you have chosen a custom user name, in which case your custom name will replace the rank. Any questions, please pm me or Ripley. Enjoy!
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